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Testimonials on KM Cyberary

The objective of this task is to provide an unique platform for all types of users to reach information. This is an accumulation of e-resources on KM & other subjects. This give links to various useful e-resources on Knowledge Management, Librarianship, Philosophy, Health, Technology, ITES/BPO/ ITIL, Call Centers, Business Information etc.


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Testimonials on KM Cyberary


Feedback received from users of all over the world, some are summarized below. For more feedback View my Guest Book.

  • Dr. Ursula Ron, Content Manager, Babylon Ltd. (May 13, 2008) - Congratulations on your wonderful site! It is amazing what a genuine mind as yours and your devotion to KM is able to do. Your site is one of the examples what Internet can and should do – being a place to exchange thoughts and to promote professional views. Personally speaking: when I came across your site I felt some regrets that despite the attraction KM had for me I decided to take up another profession some few years ago. Envisioning the sheer endless hours you where putting into making your site a top-notch meeting place for KM Cybrarians, I am convinced that you found the profession right for you. The way I look at life I convinced that finding the right profession is making big step in one’s way to have a fulfilled life. Thanks again for your beautiful site! Keep up the good work.

  • Radhika Arora, Relationship Manager, Conscript, India. (December 29, 2006) - I wish to Congratulate you for exceptionally good and innovative work done at your homepage. It is very well maintained and I am very happy to be linked with you as your are readily sharing your knowledge and giving in nature! I eulogize you – as after speaking with you I felt, goodness still exists!'

  • KR Menon, CAO SVB"s College of Pharmacy (October 31, 2006) - Really a worth e-service you are doing for the benefit of lakhs of students/teachers/librarians etc. Let me record the appreciation of all our team members to your human services!! May God bestow good health and spirits to serve!!

  • Dr.Sonal Surendra Singh, Senior Lecturer, India. (April 16, 2006) - I personally congratulate you for the work you have done. I had gone through your page. Its a treasure of unlimited and unending knowledge. This trailer has confirmed that you will be reaching very soon to the top of this profession.

  • Hameed Ahmad, Librarian, SAARC, Islamabad, Pakistan. (March 27, 2006).- I visited KM Cyberary, It's nice to see that we such genius and intellectual in South Asia. Accept my sincere compliments !!!

  • Mok Wee Piak, Research Scholar, Henley Management College, UK. (March 23, 2006). - I am impressed by the contents in your "KM Cyberary". It provides one with an all-encompassing platform for linkages to various subjects/topics. Thank you for the new doors that can be opened through your Cyberary.

  • Bob Bater, Principal Associate, InfoPlex Associates, Bristol, UK. (October 19, 2005).- I visited your Home Page and KM Cyberary and am very impressed at your wide range   of references and the way you have organized them.

  • Dr.Stephen Thayer, University Professor, University of  Phoenix, US. (September 23, 2005). - "Raju provides one of the most synergistic and germain services available in today's world. His works include a directory of links in the hottest areas of business and non business endeavor today including off shore outsourcing. This area is covered extremely well. His genius is providing a very useful service to all of the rest of us."

  • Sebastiao Mendonça Ferreira, Peru. (August 22, 2005).- I work in a southern country trying to make KM effective for poverty overcome. I will use your Cyberary as my gateway to KM resources. Thank you for your initiative, it helps to make my time more productive. I don't know if should be possible to add a section in spanish. The language is a real barrier. Spirit and opportunity

  • Vineeta, India. (August 20, 2005).- Congrats for ur wonderful site and effort. One thing i would like to tell u that if possible u just do this in template form ,it will look more attractive .Make it more comprehensive by defining and giving some introduction to each link. Actually i have done my project on concept mapping and in your site i found everything is given in link form. Hope it will be more informative and attractive.

  • Maryam, Australia. (August 19, 2005).- Very good site. Well done. In addition to good information, the design of page is so attractive.

  • Giora Hadar, Knowledge Architect, Washington, DC. (August 8, 2005).- KM Cyberary is a gold mine. I also have a list of glossary in a separate document and I’ll post it tomorrow from my office. We should think about combining these two into a super glossary list. I work at the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington, DC as a Knowledge Architect.

  • Jack Vinson, President, Knowledge Jolt, Chicago, IL, USA. (August 5, 2005).- Your Cyberary is an impressive collection of links.

  • Zanuska, New York. (June 10, 2005).- This is very beautiful. It is very much organised and all the information are easy to comprehend. Thanks once again.

  • Abhilash Abraham (Oct 25, 2006) - "Bhojaraju is self motivated professional who is excellent and thorough in his work. His Knowledge Management and Portal Development capabilities using Microsoft Sharepoint are par excellence thus making him a highly-skilled individual that every company would want to hire. On a personal level he is truly a great friend who everybody can relate to easily."

  • Jayadev - Raju is more than Senior to me he is a good friend and always want to share one or the other information with us. Always in his KM world and throwing the KM Arrows on us. [:)]   

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